I don't want your money*

As it says in the green header above - these scripts are FREE!! I'm not asking for your money!! If you feel compelled to send me money, I won't refuse it, but there are better things you can do with your money.

What I think is that the scripts you found here might save you the expense of paying someone to create the script, or save you the time of doing it yourself. In return for using any of php_noob's scripts what I would like you to do is one [or more] of these:

  • Donate some of the time these scripts saved you to volunteer work for a local charity or good cause
  • Donate a few dollars, euros, lira, etc. to a good cause of your choice
  • Do something nice for someone you don't know

If you want to add a link on your site back to mine, great. It's not obligatory, just a kind of 'caring/sharing' thing to do. I'll even supply the link buttons - for free.

* actually ...

On the other hand if you're looking to spend a few dollars on a site design or makeover, you could begin by visiting my commercial (as in not-for-free design) web site. If what you need is a sensible solution for a small business web site, then choose halfadot - when you don't need the whole dot.

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