Technical Support

What level of technical support do I provide with these scripts?

Short answer: None. These scripts are free. Technical support takes time and costs money.

Long answer: Don't Panic.

aspirinThe read_me file included with every zip package contains simple instructions for getting the scripts working. The zip packages contain everything you need, including MySQL table creation queries when needed. Typically, there is no need to edit anything except the configuration file. All scripts draw their 'constants' and from those. Displayed pages adopt the same styles as apply to your own. The scripts are moderately well commented in case you want to learn from them (or laugh at them).

All that aside, each of the scripts has been working on this site for a considerable time, and many people have downloaded them without complaints. I assume that the instructions were adequate.

Why doesn't script X do A, B, or C?

The scripts do what they do the way they do it because that's what seemed like a good idea at the time. And the scripts are fairly general purpose so there's not a lot of spectacularly special features to suit your site's needs.

Perfection takes a little longer than I have time for. Given that the scripts are free and full source listings are in the download, there's no reason why you can't modify any of the scripts to do exactly what you want.

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