Event Calendar: Version 2.3

This is ONLY AN IMAGE exampleAn Event Calendar is another one of those things you often find 'built in' with a large, multi-function script.

The trouble with so many calendars is that they include all sorts of possibilities so that they can do everything for everybody. This script is simply an event calendar. Nothing more, nothing less.

A single configuration file allows you to adjust colours/fonts and various parameters used by the script with no need to edit script files.

So when you don't need or want a complex integrated script, all you want is a simple little piece of php code you can add to some pages of your site - like that below, then this might be exactly what you're looking for:


New Feature!Many users requested a modification to allow the first day of the week to be Monday (or Sunday). Martin Steffersen provided this modification for Version 2.3 and also extended the use of the language files to script displays for improved 'localization'. Thanks, Martin.

Script Features

  • Generated code is XHTML 1.0 compliant
  • Allows multiple events/day
  • Allows HTML code in event descriptions
  • ONLY days with events are 'clickable'
  • Days with events show 'title' onmouseOver (at least in IE)
  • First day of the week selectable (North American/European alternatives) « new feature in V2.3
  • Month events listings (click month name) available
  • 'Today' highlighted
  • Calendar fits into a 150px wide column
  • Language files for Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, and Swedish ... and more later
  • Language files use extended to script displays « new feature in V2.3
  • Event detail configurable to show in new page or pop-up
  • Requires only a one-line php include on your page(s)
  • Download package includes event editor [password protected]
  • Works with register_globals off

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