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Feedback comes in different forms. You might simply put an e-mail contact address on your web site that visitors can use to send you feedback. You might add a feedback form where visitors can provide comments, but the principal drawback to those types of feedback is that your visitors need to work to send you information - find the feedback page, fill in the blanks, etc. - and lots of your visitors just can't be bothered to do that. The answer is to have some kind of instant feedback mechanism in front of your visitors at just the moment when they might be tempted to provide that feedback, and to make providing that feedback as simple as possible.

example of voting formThe solution is "rate_this_whatever_it_is" - a small and simple form at the end of the page that provides visual and text information on how previous visitors rated the 'thing', a simple drop down with the usual 'excellent' .... 'poor' options selectable, and a 'vote now' button to submit the form data. No doubt you have seen something similar on many, many web sites before - but it always seems to be a feature of a much larger set of scripts, for example in a photo gallery where you can 'rate this image', etc. If you have a large complex integrated system like that, something like 'rate this' invariably comes built-in.

But sometimes you don't need or want a complex integrated script, all you want is a simple little piece of php code you can add to some pages of your site - like this:

$article = 2; // for example

A single configuration file allows you to adjust various parameters used by the scripts with no need to edit script files.

Script Features

  • Generated code is XHTML 1.0 compliant
  • Use your own images for the graphical rating.
  • Rate out of ten, or eight, or any number you want.
  • Re-voting prevented by client-side cookies (session limited).
  • Vote information stored in MySQL database for other uses if you choose.
  • Works with register_globals off

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