About the visual themes

Is there a connection between a web site about server-side scripting and different color schemes? Not really, other than the themes are switched with a very short php script. But as this site also serves the purpose of showcasing design ability, it made perfect sense [to the designer] to add the themes feature.

What do the themes mean?

Basically there are four principal themes here - green, light blue, red, and dark blue. Rather than have 'boring' names like that, we choose to name the themes after the ancient Greek elements that make up all of nature - Earth, Air, Fire and Water. And we chose appropriate colour themes for each element.

four elements - themes

Observant readers will have noticed only four themes shown above. The fifth theme is a 'high contrast' theme intended to overcome difficulties that visually impaired visitors may have with contrast when using the other themes.

The high contrast theme is the one displayed when visitors first arrive on the site.

What are the header images?

The header images are all drawn from personal photographs while taken on vacation, at home, and at work around Canada. Specifically in Newfoundland, Nunavut, Ontario, Manitoba, and Quebec. To see the full images used - click here.

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