Free Scripts - php & MySQL

Issued under the GPL, our free php scripts add features to your web site that are often only found in large, complex packages. Each of these comes complete with all scripts, documentation, examples, and even the MySQL file needed to create your database. Add one or two lines of code to any php page to 'insert' these script features.

The scripts are each configurable easily to match your site's style/colors, and generate xHTML-compliant code.

Event Calendar

A dynamic calendar designed to fit a 150px sidebar on your site. Days with events are highlighted and 'clickable' to show details of the event(s) for the day. A month-at-a-glance feature allows all events for a month to be displayed. A password-protected admin script allows you to add, delete, or edit events. A simple configuration file allows you to adjust the colors used so as to match your site's colors - see the event calendar demo & download »

Comments System

Allows visitors to add comments to any page where the script snippet is included. Comments are checked against a 'bad words' list and appropriate actions takes (as configured by the site owner). Comments are displayed in paginated form at the end of the page to which they refer, together with a user comment input form. Comments may be edited by the site owner using their own database admin tools, or through the included custom comments editor script - see the comments system demo & download »


Dynamic 'news' system designed to fit in a 'sidebar' on your site's pages. News items may be placed in specific categories, each of which can be displayed separately. For example, on your main page you can display the site news and on other pages you can display news from different categories. Displays are configurable to match your site's color scheme, and the system includes a simple password-protected editor allowing you to add, delete, edit, and categorize news items - see the mini-news demo & download »

Rate This

Simple script allowing visitors to 'rate' a page. Features dynamic updating, re-vote prevention, graphical and text statistics on each page's voting. A simple configuration file allows customization of the script display - see the rate this demo & download »


Really a micro-blog with an utterly simple presentation. Script allows you to easily add blog postings and allow visitors to see them for any prior month. A simple configuration file allows customization of the script display - see the miniBLOG demo & download »

Can I get help with these?

Each of these scripts has been successfully used by others. If you have installed one of our free scripts and have a problem, please check the documentation before asking for help. The scripts are sufficiently commented and organized that modifying them yourself is not difficult - honestly!

If you need assistance with installation, configuration, or customization for any of these free scripts - help is available. Since these are free scripts, there is no free help with them. Contact us with details to ask for a quotation. Our hourly rates are competitive and we work fast.

Not exactly what you want?

If you need a different script for your site, tell us about your needs and we'll work out how we can be of service. Previous customers of our freelance services have been well satisfied.

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