Script Packages

We have a couple of php/MySQL packages that can be used to increase traffic or increase revenue on your web site. Please note that these are not free scripts, but offered for sale either as an install-it-yourself version, or installed on your server at additional cost.

Each can be seen and used here as if you were a visitor to a site where the script packages were running.


Visitors to your site can register for an email reminder service, then add or edit their own reminders. Emails are automatically sent for each advance notice period selected by the visitor. Your own 'commercial' message and optional link URL can be appended to each outgoing message ... see the remind_me demonstration »


Visitors to your site can register and add their own simple web pages. Includes a simple editor and image uploader, as well as the ability for visitors to select from available layout templates and color schemes. You can either allow pages to displayed automatically once they are created, or require pre-payment before they become visible to the public ... see the mini-webs demonstration » [later]

Say something different

A very simple php/MySQL script that allows visitors to generate a few paragraphs of 'filler text' in various styles (lorem ipsum, management-babble, etc.) for use in their own designs. More a traffic-generator than anything else, it's scalable to more categories and more filler content ... see the say something demonstration »

Coming Soon

More scripts are in the planning stage. Expect one or more to be released later in 2012.

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