Digital Midget

DigitalMidget was originally conceived as the stand-alone 'design centre' for very small web sites (one or two pages) and slowly morphed into the 'test bed' for php and MySQL development for halfadot smallwebs.

Digital Midget has now passed the small web site service to the parent halfadot smallwebs and concentrates on the development of free and low-cost php/MySQL scripts and service. See what we have to offer at DigitalMidget's top level site.

If what you need is a full-service solution - web design & development, domain registration, and site hosting, then take a look at our principal design site - halfadot smallwebs and look around. We can do what you need - efficiently and at moderate cost.

Technically - about this

In case you're interested, or even if you're not, this little demonstration site was created using php and runs from a MySQL database. XHTML compliance ensures it 'works' for all reasonably current browsers. That's how we design all our sites.