The purpose of these tutorials is not to make you an expert with php. Neither is it to demonstrate perfect scripting techniques (and then some). Rather, our purpose is to lead you gently into the fascinating world of php; to get you past the 'I have no idea how to do this' stage, etc., and move along the path to enlightenment and guru-ship.

The approach we'll use is to show how some simple scripting can be used to actually achieve something. And once you can achieve 'something' it's a small step to editing that code to achieve 'something' more to your taste, and so on.

Course Prerequisites

There are a number of things you'll need to be able to actually create and use various scripts developed in these tutorials:

  1. A text editor - Notepad is perfect.
  2. A web server that supports php
  3. An FTP client or some other way of getting files to your web server
  4. Attention to detail, as syntax is very important in php scripts

The tutorials are intended to be read in the order shown in the menu at left, since this series of tutorials is meant as an introduction to php beginning with the assumption of virtually no knowledge.

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