Mini-news Demonstration

This demonstration shows the mini-news script flexibility. Configuration variables determine how many of the most recent posts are displayed for each category; other configuration variables provide the text styling displayed; the manner in which the date is displayed (in the lower example) is user-configurable as well. Finally, news items may be posted to particular 'categories' (as in the lower example at right). Adding a category is accomplished by simple editing of the config file.

The php snippet used includes a 'parameters' value which determines what should be displayed. An example call would be:

$parms = "1:0:0";

To the right, are two instances of mini-news in action. They illustrate the flexibility available from the mini-news system in terms of how your news items are displayed, and how many items are displayed in any category. In these examples, the 'all categories' news shows the ten most recent posts are displayed (changeable in the config file), and the 'scripts' news category shows the three most recent. Post text elements are styled as defined in the config file.

The upper example has parameters passed so that it displays:

  • News items from ALL categories are displayed
  • News Title (Category) is not displayed
  • The posting date is not displayed

The lower example has parameters passed so that it displays:

  • News items from a single category is displayed
  • News Title (Category) is displayed
  • The posting date is displayed

The styling applied to the news containers in these example is not part of the system, enabling you to define your own display widths, styles, placement, etc. for the mini-news. Also - obviously - you can display news from more than one category on a page.

The mini-news download package includes a simple editor that allows you to add, delete, or edit posts on your system and allows HTML code in posts. That editor is available here but with the delete function disabled, 'tags' disabled in posts, and the length of posts constrained, all to protect the usefulness of this demonstration. The editor in the download package does not have these restrictions.

Please be sensible if you use the mini-editor available in this demo. The password is midget.