Looking for some filler text?

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That's nice but it's not particularly relevant.

You can find 'relevant filler text' here. I've had too many clients ask me "What language did you write that in?" to want to use lorem ipsum too often. In the absence of real content - something clients never seem to recognize as truly important at the design stage - doesn't if make more sense to use 'filler text' that is vaguely connected with the type of site you're designing? Of course, if your answer is a resounding "NO" then you are definitely in the wrong place.

So how about being able to choose what sort of 'random words' you use as filler?

Is that an Original Idea?

Of course not!! There are a number of web sites around that can generate filler text. The most 'famous' is surely www.lipsum.com where you can get 'lorem ipsum' filler text and find out about the origins and meaning of lorem ipsum ... and it's now available in many languages

Below are some more filler text sites:

And if you know any others, let me know.

Can you help?

Suggest a category of filler text - but only if you can come up with a few starter 'babbles'. Thirty to fifty words strung together in a sentence or five as if they made sense. Go ahead - contact me and explain.