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You are viewing the high-contrast version of this site which is suited particularly for vision-impaired visitors. If you prefer a different theme, please choose one from the Earth, Air, Fire, or Water links at the right of this page.

If you arrived here looking for our micro-web design service, please note that it has now been incorporated into our primary web design and development site at halfadot.com.

The new/revised Digital Midget site consolidates all of the server-side scripting - both free and paid - that was previously a slightly disorganized collection in need of organization, consolidation, and updating. Server-side scripting - with or without MySQL integration - is what DigitalMidget does.

Freelance Work

Even though each of our scripts includes full instructions, you may want it installed or want a few 'minor' changes made to adjust the script to your exact needs. Or you may need a complete php/MySQL application built for your site. We can do that quickly and cost-effectively ... read more about freelance work »

Script Packages

We currenly have one web application available for license, and two in the planning stages. Each is designed as a stand-alone application which can be added to an existing web site to provide more traffic and/or more revenue for the site owner/operator ... read more about script packages »

Remind_me: an automated system lets visitors register for, create, and receive automatic e-mail reminders that include your commercial message. Requires no site owner intervention!

Free Scripts

We have four small, self-contained php/MySQL scripts that add useful functions to your site, each of which can be installed in under five minutes. An event calendar, a news script, a user comment script, and a 'rate this' script. each requires only a one- or two-line php code snippet on your pages ... read more about free scripts »

Tutorials - php & php/MySQL

Basic beginner tutorials with step-by-step instructions and code you can copy/paste. These were originally developed for the absolute beginner so that they could actually get 'something useful' going. A couple of steps beyond "Hello World" but a useful starting point for writing simple scripts ... visit our tutorials »

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